MacBook and MacBook Pro USB Ports

This week on MacBreak Weekly ( Episode 88 ) one of the hosts was having sound problems with a USB headset. They discussed the problem and one of the other hosts suggested changing the port the headset is on. A short discussion followed and here are the results. The MacBook has two USB ports on the left. The port that is closest to the screen sits on an internal USB hub with the other devices on the system (i.e. the camera). The other port is on its own. For the MacBook Pro, there are two plugs: one each on the left and the right. The port on the left is on its own. The port on the right is on a hub with the other USB devices on the laptop. You will get better sound and probably better performance out of other devices by plugging the devices into the single port.


~ by Sumo on May 14, 2008.

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